Philip McMaster, Speaker, Adventurepreneur

Are you looking for a tall, cultured Canadian speaker with international experience, who enjoys people, tells funny stories, and hangs around to discuss with your audience:

- cross-cultural marketing,
- sustainable tourism development,
- tourism safety,
- EcoEntrepreneurship,
- Global Networking
- International/Multinational Expeditions
- Event, Sports and Adventure Photography
- or simply "a passionately Canadian perspective" on international issues

Philip McMaster speaks "to the Heart of" many subjects. (Eight of his International Expeditions have used the moniker "Expedition to the Heart of...)

A few of the countries where Philip's thoughts have had impact:

Brazil: - Philip McMaster - 'conquistou a todos, superando a barreira lingüística e interagindo com os participantes durante todo o encontro'.
EcoEntrepreneurship35.gif - University Lecture on EcoEntrepreneurship at Faculdade Sao Mateus by Philip McMaster
AgazetaScan.jpg - "..por isso o marketing é muito importante`" - Philip McMaster

chinadaily/protect "The McDonaldization of the tourism industry is the greatest threat to China standing as a prime tourist destination." - Philip McMaster
/chinadaily/HKnature/ "The "Made-in-China" approach of the EcoTaskForce involves co-ordinating sports clubs and school groups with the needs of small, local environmental associations." - Philip McMaster Cuba: - "La experiencia turística en Cuba es muy especial.." - Philip McMaster
/SM_LaDemajagua1.gif - "Cuba puede ensenar a otros paises a como tratar a los turistas" - Philip McMaster

Canada: - Philip McMaster, Key speaker at national student leadership conference, Chateau LLaurier Ottawa. - "origins of the EcoTaskForce" - Philip McMaster
/adventure/photoscan/new2.html - "Les Laurentides ont tous les autouts naturels pour devenir une grande destination" - Philip McMaster

Dubai: - "Dubai 'has potential as adventure travel hub' "- Philip McMaster

Kyrgystan: - "Kirgizstan and Canada are very much alike" - Philip McMaster

Videos / Text: - Video Clip Archive Text Archive

Philip McMaster has been an adventurer and "adventurepreneur" since an early age. From childhood adventures in the woods surrounding the family home and family adventures in the "wilds" of the many Carribbean islands, it is second nature for Philip to be in foreign surroundings. Motorcycle expeditions circumnavigating North America and Sailing Expeditions over the waters of the the Atlantic, Carribbean, Gulf of Mexico and through the Panama Canal to the Pacific's Hawaiian Islands and back were just the beginning of his wanderlust and passionate interest expeditions, teamwork and world cultures.
The 1980's were filled with adventures in his homeland of Canada, mystical adventures to Peru and physical, spiritual and commercial expeditions through India to Nepal.

In 1993 the Expedition to the Heart of Cuba explored the underwater cave systems of inland Cuba and the Cuban and Canadian people who operate tourism facilities on the island.

In 1995, the “Expedition to the Heart of Mundo Maya” traveled through Central America recording efforts of community tourism development, habitat preservation, anti-poaching and wild animal trade operated by young Guatemalans practicing Eco-Entrepreneurship.

In 1997, the Expedition to the Heart of the Dragon Mountains followed a group of young eco-friendly motorcyclists in Japan.

1998 found the Expedition to the Heart of Arabia in Egypt and Dubai, exploring local sporting traditions with an environmental angle.

Again in 1998, the Expedition to the Heart of Hong Kong and the Expedition to the Heart of China explored and compared the adventure sports and environmental activities of Chinese citizens and expatriates.

The Expedition to the Heart of Rondonia was invited to the Brazilian Amazon state of Rondonia in the spring of 2003 to explore how rubber tappers are becoming eco-tourism hosts to save their communities and compensate for the declining rubber business.

Expedition to the Heart of Mundo Muqueca was invited to the Brazilian states of Espirito Santo and Bahia in 2003 to explore and experience the diverse cultures and environmental factors analogous to this unique Brazilian fish stew. The growth of international eco-tourism pressured the need for cross-cultural understanding and preservation of cultural and environmental heritage.

The Expedition to the Heart of Mundo Cubana in 2003 explored the ecology of the 1957 Cuban revolution in rural Granma province and the present-day relationship with international eco-tourism.

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