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Highly valued by multimedia professionals and organizations around the world, the F-Pro Memberfolio™ Pass Card is issued only to published, working professionals.
Depending on your area of freelance activity, you have the choice of a F-Pro Memberfolio™ Pass Card inscribed with the words


F-Pro Membership is only available to published freelancers involved in creative communications. Your F-Pro Memberfolio™ Pass Card / Membership / Web folio format has a place for your name, your F-Pro Webfolio / membership number (after activation) and a system to make it a photo ID and phone card! *

To activate your membership, list yourself as a Freelance Professional in registries, get on exclusive assignment lists, network with other Freelance Professionals
and find services and safe havens throughout the world...
- consult with the Freelance Professionals™ guidebook.

Freelance Professionals
and The International Organization of Independent Image and Information Producers™ (II&IP)
Encourages your membership in local, regional and national organizations supporting and promoting professional development, copyright protection, labour rights and Image and Information distribution as this enhances your acceptance to our international network of Freelance Professionals™.


  1. If you are an already published freelancer, you qualify immediately -
  2. PASS CARD Processing Centre Address
  3. If you are NOT YET published,
    you can pre-purchase an F-Pro Membership
  4. F-Pro members are either SEASONED OR SEEKING...
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If you are an already published freelancer,
you qualify immediately -

You may send whatever promotional material you like...(that's why we use a post box!) ...to explain your freelance qualifications,
but your package MUST INCLUDE the following items:

  • send a money order for $100. U.S. with your
  • resume (curriculum vitae)and
  • tearsheets from 2 different sources (examples of original published material)
  • including two (2) recent “I.D.” size photos of yourself and
  • choose one of these backgrounds for your card...

    (1.) “MEDIA”, (2.) “NETWORK”, (3.) “PHOTO” or (4.) “FREELANCE”

  • Send your international money order payable to “F-Pro, Inc.” and your name as you wish it to appear on the Pass Card to:

    Freelance Professionals (F-Pro)
    International PASS CARD Processing Centre
    Box 933, Station H
    Montreal, Quebec,
    Canada H3G 2M9

    Please don't forget your return address! (incredibly, some people do!)

    please bookmark this page and click below. AFTER you have sent your application by mail.
    We will correspond with you ONLY AFTER your application has been received at our end.

    New, New, New If you are NOT YET published,
    you can pre-purchase an F-Pro Membership,
    and your PASS CARD will be activated the moment you earn your “Published Status” ...
    ... so get your copy TODAY!

    “Freelance Professionals™, Professionals of Change
    - The guide to the International Organization of Independent Image and Information Producers -

    Click below to learn more about self-publishing through Freelance Professionals™
    and the
    TRAFFORD On-Demand Publishing Service

    Toll Free - 1(888) 232-4444 (U.S. & Canada)

    Whether you are a seasoned professional confirming your expertise or a newly qualified freelancer seeking new horizons...
    The world needs more Professionals of Change™...
    Freelance Professionals !

    Correspondents so far - Austrailia, Argentina, Belize, Brazil, Canada, Cuba, Dubai, Egypt, England, Finland, France, Germany, Guatemala, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Nepal, Pakistan, El Salvador, Russia, Thailand, Scotland, South Africa, Switzerland, U.S.A.
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    Are you a freelancer searching for that
    “Pot of Gold”?

    START by placing our FREE F-Pro Rainbow
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    If we find it on your top page (highest traffic page) in our next search for freelancers, qualifying participants will win a FREE F-Pro membership, a special F-Pro computer accessory, and a chance to dip into the pot of golden freelance work opportunities!

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    1. Download the F-Pro logo located at
    Copy and place the “f_logo.gif” GIF file in the same directory
    as your home page is located.

    2. Add the following HTML lines to the
    bottom of your HOME PAGE.

    <a href="http://www.f-pro.ca/business/busm0105.htm">
    <img src="f_logo.gif" align="BOTTOM" border="0"> </a>
    <br> <i> Looking for more </i> <br>
    <a href="http://www.f-pro.ca/business/busm0105.htm">
    Freelance Professionals?</a> </center>

    It should look like this when displayed on your browser...

    Looking for more
    Freelance Professionals?

    3. When it's working properly, send us (and everyone you know) an e-mail with your MONEY MAGNET URL,
    and let the network help you Get Out There and earn a living!

    You have taken the first step by placing the F-Pro MONEY MAGNET on your site,
    now promote yourself, promote your site, earn a reputation
    and get published so you can fill your pot of gold!
    Follow your freelance rainbows and Good Luck!

    Cool stock photo images available through Freelance Professionals

    We're publishing another book, compiling more experiences of professional freelancers in different regions around the world.

    GET PUBLISHED FOR FREE (and qualify to be listed !)

    Answer the following questions, and if your submission is used in the book, you will not only qualify for membership in Freelance Professionals™, but will also be linked through the MONEY MAGNET program, promoting freelance income on the 'net.

    Instructions: Copy and paste the questions below into an e-mail window and make yourself known!

    1. How long have you been -
    A.) working in your field - B.) an independent freelancer?

    2. WHY did YOU begin freelancing?
    ...and do you recommend freelancing to OTHERS?

    PERSONALLY USED to generate business and MAKE MONEY freelancing?

    4. What is your level of EDUCATION,
    ...and what would you advise to those just starting out?

    5. Are you aware of any local, regional, or national associations OF HELP TO FREELANCERS? (Please state name and address of organizations, and your membership number if you are a member)

    6. Are you willing to be a (A.) CONTACT and/or (B.) SAFE HAVEN for Freelance Professionals™ from around the world travelling through your region?

    7. If F-Pro can connect you with potential CLIENTS, what are your freelance rates? (..in approximate U.S. and Local currencies..)

    Please state type of freelance activity:,

    your complete name and address:

    (telephone/fax number optional)

    electronic coordinates:

    Don't forget to place a Rainbow Money Magnet on your website (if you have one).

    Please send E-Mails only - DO NOT ATTACH DOCUMENTS / images / banners or other large files -
    Our server will reject them and possibly cause problems for YOUR server!

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