New courses for Winter 2003

Centre for Imaging Arts and Information Technologies
Dawson College
Continuing Education
Non-credit Division

Event, Sports and Adventure Photography

Explore the exciting field of documenting the world of entertainers, athletes and adventurers.

This practical workshop focuses on the exciting, demanding and specialized world of event, sports and adventure photography.
Capturing hard-to-get shots at home or abroad involves a special attitude, skills of “backstage access”, powers of visualization, imagineering, and intuitive camera knowledge.

Topics include:

  • Market opportunities: how to “get in” to the field
  • Opportunity-winning attitudes and behaviours
  • Natural light vs. flash
  • Analog vs. digital
  • Aerial, mountain and underwater photography
  • Adventure racing, expeditions and stadium sports
  • Planning and on-site problem solving
  • Accreditation - official and unofficial access

    Intermediate to advanced skill in camera operations

    24 hours over 3 weekends

    February 7 to March 8


    $ 205.00

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    Photography and Public Relations

    Learn “backstage” tips and techniques and imagine yourself capturing the images that tell the story of important people, places and ideas.

    This course for students, promoters, entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations, will help participants develop successful attitudes and “all access” skills.
    Students will learn to work with public relations and promotion professionals, exploring real-world challenges not covered in technical literature.

    Although the camera handling is similar, promotional and public relations photography is significantly different from press or documentary photography. This course focuses on understanding, attitudes and objectives. Topics include:

  • Celebrity, political and commercial market opportunities
  • Tuning In the “Business Story”
  • Networking yourself and others into position
  • Planning, timing and exploiting opportunities
  • “The Decisive Moment”
  • Bringing the media on side

    Basic camera handling skills required

    20 hours (5 classes and location shoot)

    January 28 to March 1

    $ 180.00

    Register by phone, 514 933-0047 fax or in-person starting January 13
    at the Centre for Imaging Arts and Information Technologies
    4001 de Maisonneuve Blvd. West, Suite 2G.1
    Montreal, Quebec H3Z 3G4

    Fax: 5 1 4 9 3 7-3 8 3 2
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