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A unique expedition, unlike any other in the world.Philip McMaster of F-Pro (Canada), travelled throughBelize ,Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Mexico as a part of the Camel Trophy Expedition.
F-Pro kept in contact with Philip via satellite from time to time to receive
Trimble ScoutMaster GPS co-ordinates
and regular updates on the progress of the expedition.
F-Pro conducted live interviews by satellite and obtained footage on the people and wildlife of this unique area of the world, using the new F-Pro GPS/Cam (TM).

image of Mundo Mayaphoto

A documentary by Philip McMaster,
F-Pro (Canada)

F-Pro documented
the 16thCamel Trophy Expedition
"the event that redefines modern adventure".
This was the first time the expedition has been held in Central America, witha record 20 countries participating.
The route visited an unprecedented five countries (Belize, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras) traversing 1,700 kms of diverse terrain from lowland jungles to scrub covered mountains.

The F-Pro crew followed the expedition as it travelled through the heart of the Mayan world, where a people and civilization that spanned fourthousand years is still very much in evidence today. This year the CamelTrophy took adventure and discovery the next logical step bybecoming directly involved with salvage work and environmental researchon a remote unexcavated archeological site.

As the expedition travelled through the Peten jungle of northern Guatemala,F-Pro documented the inside workings of an animal rescueand rehabilitation organization to show how this organization isworking to protect the environment and its biodiversity.

F-Pro also field tested a new technology in documentaryproduction - on-screen longitude and latitude coordinates pinpointing thelocation of the F-Pro cameras. Through the use of GlobalPositioning System (GPS) technology and the help of on screen maps,viewers of the F-Pro news and documentary material will know exactly "where they are".

Bringing world renowned Canadian objectivity and documentary expertise tothe Camel Trophy, the F-Pro crew follows the challenges andvictories of expedition teams from Belgium, Canada, Canary Islands, CzechRepublic, France, Germany, Greece, The Netherlands, Hungary, Israel, Italy,Japan, Poland, Russia, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, South Africa, Spain,Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, and the U.S.A.

The Camel Trophy Expedition proved to be the source of greatscience, technology, adventure and people stories encouragingunderstanding and respect of the world.

We invite you to see
the Expedition to the Heart of MundoMaya.
This is the route the Expedition followed
Photo Collage of the "Expedition to the Heart of Mundo Maya"
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